The Show

INSIGHT is the 2018 MA Digital Media Arts graduate show at University of Brighton.

It explores a vast variety of specialisms and interdisciplinary approaches. This year’s artists investigate themes of historic and cultural narrative, accessibility and censorship, self-identity and gender performativity & many more – through contemporary digital mediums such as 3D Modelling, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Interactive Installation Art.

Our aim is to stimulate, educate and entertain a diverse range of people through comprehensive art forms in an iconic city with unique cultural heritage.

The show will envision the possibilities of digital media in presenting creative ideas developed by the MA artists.

The University

The University of Brighton is a thriving, multi-campus university on the south coast of England.

From small beginnings in 1850s Brighton, the University of Brighton has grown to a complex and diverse institution based in three towns across the south coast of England.

The Course

Digital Media Arts MA provides excellent training for artists, designers and arts professionals wishing to seek a career in the creative industries, offering expert education in the areas of interaction design, social media, programming, digital film, installation, public art and interactive art.

Our course is taught both at the University of Brighton and at Lighthouse. Lighthouse is a digital culture agency and a key part of its work is education and professional development. Through short technology labs and courses they help empower the digital artists and creative engineers of tomorrow.