Bi Yalin

My background is in Digital Media Art. I've recently completed my double Bachelor's degree from University of Hertfordshire and TianJin Academy of Fine Arts in China. I am interested in new media technologies in storytelling and digital performance. I would like to discover more ways of creating the virtual environment for storytelling. In my projects I like to explore the connection between different cultures and using software.

Leonardo Lami

Digital Artist
I am an Italian digital artist and video maker working with theatre companies, fashion labels and art collectives. With a background in physical theatre and site specific performance I approach interactive installations as events that unfold thanks to the presence of the audience. My art practice focuses on the decomposition of the image and on socio-political aspects like accessibility, censorship or poverty. I am interested in the behaviour of users when experiencing art and in the magnetic power that screens and moving images have on people. Among my inspirations I can count Bill Viola, Studio Azzurro and Tony Oursler.

Aleksandra Puszczewicz

I am a University of the Arts London graduate qualified in leading projects within creative production, visual storytelling and scenic design. My artistic background as well as my extensive knowledge of history of art has given me much acclaim for my cultural awareness and unique style. I am particularly fascinated by the use of aesthetics (shape, form, colour, texture, symmetry, and proportion) in visual arts. I am often inspired by iconic eras in art, film, music and pop culture which I love to reference in my projects.

Becky Lu

Interactive Digital Artist
I am an Illustrator and Technical Tutor at UoB, specialising in teaching screen-printing and dyeing for the Printed Textiles course. With a growing interest in immersive, interactive design and narrative, my recent works focus on exploring interactive art that is cross-specialism in both technique and aesthetic. By studying on the Digital Media Arts Masters, this has allowed for me to develop my knowledge of digital technologies and apply this to my work, to continually evolve my ideas. I am therefore able to combine new and existing skills, in which to create my interactive artworks and actualise my concepts to reality.

Alex Simmonds

Multimedia Creative
I am a multimedia creative, with a background in animation and video production. Developing engaging and educational content in a variety of disciplines. I’ve worked on a number of documentaries as well as advertising projects on a global scale for clients such as Adidas, Heineken and Audi. Recently I found myself turning to web development and using that space as a canvas for further artistic endeavours.

Judith Ricketts

I am an Artist using, photography, moving image and code to develop a creative practice informed by a critical engagement with the city. This engagement is in relation to enforced, economic and political migration such as the Transatlantic Slave Trade, the European migrant crisis and events such as Brexit. I view the City as a series of patterns and interdependencies, arranged between the spaces of historic narrative, spatial appearances and the body. These interdependencies give opportunity, to blend facts with fact(s) in order to form temporal encounters in order to tell stories from the data of the movement and displacement of the diasporic body from the past to the present, and one place to the next.

Adem Türkdoğan

Digital Artist
My background is in Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design. As soon as I completed my BA degree last year, I chose to continue my education by joining MA Digital Media Arts course at University of Brighton. So far, I have experimented with graphic design for educational purposes. However, throughout this MA, I developed an interest in Virtual Reality. As a Cypriot, I always enjoy making projects about Cyprus. I am also interested in history. Therefore, I decided to create a Virtual Reality piece about one of the historical buildings from my home city - Famagusta.